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Don’t Hate the Top 1%… Join Them!

Applicants all the time tell us that our company can’t possibly be everything it promises to be. Top wages in the industry? Check. Professional and talented co-workers? Check. Self-managed work? Check. Awesome trucks and uniforms? Check. No chasing down leads? Check. Growth and advancement opportunities? Check.

So what’s the catch?

Only that you need the attitude and work ethic to make it alongside the top 1% of professionals in this industry. Experience isn’t as important as ambition and the willingness to learn. Skills can be taught, but passion is innate. We love what we do and want you to love it too.

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Work Like a Rock Star? Get Paid Like One!

Our craftsmen have told us they never expected to be treated so well doing what they love. Most don’t, so how do our craftsmen get away with it?

We hire the best in the industry, pure and simple. Reliable, honest, personable, and skilled craftsmen are in high-demand in an industry suffering a shortage of them. This creates an incredible opportunity for anyone who can fill that shortage, especially because, unlike so many other professions, robots can’t do our jobs yet!

We at Architectural Landscape Design are doing just that, bringing integrity, professionalism, and hospitality-level customer service to an industry that long ago abandoned those principles. This dedication is what enables our craftsmen to flourish in this industry and has grown our company to triple its original size in over a decade.

If you’re a talented craftsmen and can help bring these values back into the Landscape Construction/Remodeling industry, you’ll make a great ALD Craftsmen!

Architectural Landscape Design was Co-created from a Shared Passion for Beauty, Aesthetics and a Genuine Commitment to Relationships.

When you meet us, one of the first things you will notice is how different my partner and I are in style and charisma. We believe that our very different styles, strengths and talents combined with our shared passions continue to be our secret prescription for success in serving each client, old and new.

We started out with separate companies – Tony with an environmentally focused construction company and me with a growing business in design and horticulture. Yet, we continued to nurture a dream of one day combining our love of one another and creating a livelihood doing what we both loved… together! So, in 2003 we combined our talents in one company – and began to grow Architectural Landscape Design.

Our skill sets and experience are unique and diverse – a degree in horticulture combined with creative flair, and a background in business management mixed with hands-on crew supervision and customer care. But what we had in common was passion – passion for working, passion for maintaining long-term relationships, and passion for what we do. The result ~a dynamic partnership!

We enjoy working together, and it shows in how we treat our employees and care for our clients at every step. Insightful creativity and meticulous attention to detail are extremely important in what we do, but so are project management, efficiency, and scheduling. Appreciating each other’s strengths, unique talents, and skill sets allows us to work seamlessly as a married couple but also as an effective team on behalf of each of our clients’ unique projects.

We’re small enough to be a corporate family that cares about each other, but large enough to handle complicated landscaping/remodeling projects together. We’re grateful to have terrific employees who are likeminded with us in our company, too. We’ve personally trained each of our employees – from designers to project managers to our installation crews and they share our passion and vision.

Many blessings,

Laura & Tony Westrude

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